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August 21, 2014 4:01 pm

If I disappear you know what happened.

If one day you realize you miss me… save me. I’ve done nothing wrong. 

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  2. ivoryintheair said: Booooo!
  3. eat5leepthink said: record labels would rather royalties over free publicity? woooow
  4. sinfuldelightful said: Keep your head up, I don’t see how you’re infringing copyright. You’re not claiming to own the music you post, nor are you making any money off of it.
  5. homesteadilee said: Fuck.
  6. laughingwithyourhatinthewind said: Contest it, please! <3
  7. fluffyrain said: :(
  8. davesnothere said: It’s a tumblr glitch they send them everybody who has ever gotten a copywriter infringement notice regardless of how many they had.
  9. yotb0ka said: :(
  10. infectedwithrage said: for the music?

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